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Let’s do it! Successful measures to close the gap

Webinar N°5 within a series of nine webinars on gender equality and diversity


16:00 - 17:00

Solutions that can help mitigate the social loss of the academic leaky pipeline include recruitment practices at institutions of higher education and research or flexible child care. Recruitment regulation, quality control and important issues to promote women with children in leading positions will be discussed.

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Structures, measures, and pracices to close the gap at the University of Zurich

Dr. Christiane Löwe, Head of the Department for Equal Opportunities, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Solving Challenges and Meeting Expectations while Successfully Recruiting Women to Tenured Academic Positions

Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke (Prof. FH, AT emerit.), Certified Management Consultant. Free-lance leadership, diversity & change expert strategy-counseling, program-facilitation and capacity building towards learning organization and leading heterogeneous groups at all levels of the academic sector.

Recruiting women to top positions is far from trivial and hard to reach because of biological pattern recognition, associated individual emotions and collective group dynamics. To serve academia’s client – society - best possible, recruiting has to be fundamentally redesigned to enable development for all. In her talk Silvie Klein-Franke will address the following issues:

  • Do current recruiting criteria and processes match the sector’s claims of excellence, objectivity and best practice?
  • Gate keeper: how power and networks play out a.o. in recruiting commissions
  • Strategic interventions, measures and accountability to improve recruiting. Solving challenges, meeting expectations and improving the participation of women in top positions at the same time.
  • Briefly: helpful family support measures
Let’s do it! Successful measures to close the gap