La piattaforma riunisce i ricercatori di 18 società svizzere specializzate in biologia e scambia informazioni con le associazioni internazionali. Si impegna per la creazione di reti tra le varie discipline e per i giovani scienziati. Promuove il dialogo con la società e la politica e fornisce competenze indipendenti.di più

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Scienza e Film

Film is a strong medium to communicate scientific approaches and findings to a broder public. During the last years the Biology Platform supported workshops led by Samer Angelone for students to learn basic techniques of storytelling and filmmaking to present their work. His workshops continue to be supported by various universities in Switzerland. Please contact him directly for any inquiries:

Furthermore, film festivals offer a broad audience the opportunity to experience scientific topics in films and to discuss them with the protagonists. The Global Science Film Festival has been organised annually in Switzerland since 2019 (initially supported by the Biology Platform). The festival programme includes film screenings (feature and short films in the presence of the filmmakers), debates (scientists and filmmakers) as well as opening and award ceremonies. Films by scientists in Switzerland are presented in a special category "Scientist as filmmakers".