La piattaforma riunisce i ricercatori di 18 società svizzere specializzate in biologia e scambia informazioni con le associazioni internazionali. Si impegna per la creazione di reti tra le varie discipline e per i giovani scienziati. Promuove il dialogo con la società e la politica e fornisce competenze indipendenti.di più

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ETH Zürich

The largest conference of organismal biology in Switzerland will take place in Zurich on 18 and 19 January 2024.

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Biology24 serves as a vibrant platform for students, researchers, and professors to connect and exchange ideas. Scientists from diverse scientific institutions and research groups gather to share their expertise in fields such as evolution, genetics, molecular biology, and ecology. The conference offers a comprehensive exploration of these subjects, providing attendees with valuable insights into cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary approaches, and the intricate mechanisms underlying evolution, behaviour, and ecological interactions.

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, Biology24 facilitates meaningful interactions among participants, fostering the advancement of biological knowledge and its practical applications.


Registration/Abstract submission opens early October
Abstract submission deadline: 7 November 2023
Registration deadline: 15 December 2023
Satellite workshop: 17 January 2024
Lingue: Inglese