Prix Schläfli

Plume Grand Duc - Prix Schläfli
Immagine: Caspar Klein

Awarding the best Swiss PhD thesis in the Natural Sciences

The Prix Schläfli of the Swiss Academy of Sciences is one of the oldest prizes in Switzerland, established in 1866. It awards young talents in different Natural Sciences disciplines. Here we present biologists who won the prize in the last years.

Prix Schläfli 2018 Biologie: Hester Sheehan
Prix Schläfli 2018 in Biology: Hester Sheehan

Those who frequent nightclubs know that when they wear white, their clothes take on a special glow in UV light. But researchers took a long time to realise that plants


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Detailed information on nomination and selection of Prix Schläfli awardees is available on this website.