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Cryptogamica Helvetica

The journal publishes original monographic studies on floristics, ecology, and systematics of cryptogams with a geographical link to Switzerland.

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Descriptive and experimental studies are both welcome. Since 2016 (Volume 22) Cryptogamica Helvetica is published electronically and open-access.

Manuscripts in English, or in one of the four official Swiss languages are welcome. Instructions to authors are available here. Authors are encouraged to contact the Executive Editor before the submission of the manuscript:

Christoph Scheidegger, WSL, Zürcherstr. 111, CH-8903 Birmensdorf, Switzerland,

Volumes 1–21 are digitally available from ETH e-periodica and can be downloaded here

Since 2016, Cryptogamica Helvetica has only been published electronically as an open access publication. Earlier editions can be purchased from Rossolis.