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Bulletin SGA 2013_2 (n°19_2)

Bulletin SGA 2013_2 (n°19_2)

Bulletin SGA 2013 19_2

Abstracts of lectures at the Workshop “Preservation and representation of human bones and its importance for anth- ropological analysis” on 31 May 2013:
- CHRISTINE COOPER, SANDRA LÖSCH, Preservation and Representation of Human Bones and its Importance for Anthropological Analysis – An Introduction
- CHRISTINA PAPAGEORGOPOULOU, Standardised Osteological Assessment of Inhumations: Skeletal Preservation, Databases and Variables
- FRANK SIEGMUND, Hinweise für die Informationserfassung und -verwaltung und die statistische Auswertung von menschlichem Skelettmaterial
- CHRISTIAAN HENDRIKUS VAN DER MEIJDEN, GISELA GRUPE, MICHAELA HARBECK, GEORGE MCGLYNN, KRISTIN VON HEYKING, Software development for standardized anthropological data acquisition
- GUOYAN ZHENG, SANDRA LÖSCH, Volumetric Morphometrics (VMM) for Physical Anthropology: Preliminary Results

Abstracts of lectures at the SGA annual meeting on 16 November 2013:
- MATTHIEU HONEGGER, Aux origines des pharaons noirs: la préhistoire a Kerma et en Nubie
- ISABELLE CREVECOEUR, Diversité biologique et comportement des populations de la fin du Pléistocène et du début de l’Holocène en Nubie
- CAMILLE FALLET, Peuplement et traditions funéraires dans la civilisation de Kerma (Soudan, 2500-1500 av. J.–C.): Anthropologie biologique des populations inhumées dans la nécropole royale, derniers résultats
- STEFANIE BRUNNER, Das spätrömische Gräberfeld “Höll” in Kaiseraugst (AG) – Eine archäologische und anthropologische Auswertung
- SABINE LANDIS, MARTIN HAEUSLER, The pathology of the proximal femur MLD 46 (Australopithecus africanus)
- CHRISTELE BAILLIF-DUCROS, GEORGE MCGLYNN, Stirrups and archaeological populations: Bio-anthropological considerations for determining their use based on the skeletons of two Steppe riders
- DARIO PIOMBINO-MASCALI, ORLANDO V. ABINION, ANALYN SALVADOR-AMORES, RONALD G. BECKETT, Human Mummification Practices among the Igorot of North Luzon


  • Anthropology, Primatology
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