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Die Moose des Kantons Bern (Schweiz)

Volume 21, 2007

The Canton of Bern is the second in size and covers parts of the three main geographical areas: Jura, Plateau, and Alps. Its geology, vegetation and climate is highly diverse and supplies a large variety of habitats for bryophytes. The species diversity therefore is very high: on an area of only 5’961 km2, 850 species and subspecies are known (2 hornworts, 202 liverworts, and 646 mosses). This equals 80% of the Swiss bryophyte flora. Particularly rich are the Alps with roughly 800 species, which is 94% of all species known in the Canton of Bern. For each species the distribution is given, either as map or, for more rare species, as list of localities. Maps and distribution lists are based on 27’726 records. Additionally, for each species information on habitat, substratum and red list status is provided. Of 25 mainly alpine species, which were so far not or only rarely illustrated, drawings of habit and important characters are presented. The investigated area is described in detail and the history of the bryological exploration of the Canton of Bern is treated in a separate chapter.

Cryptogamica Helvetica 21