Rigi Workshop

The Rigi Workshop aims to promote interdisciplinary exchange between young scientists. The topic of the three-day workshop is linked to biology but open to any other discipline - from the natural sciences, social sciences and engineering. Up to 40 doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers from Switzerland can participate. The Platform Biology organises the workshops in collaboration with researchers who proposed the topic.

Aussicht Hotel Rigi Kulm

WHERE? Rigi-Kulm Hotel.

WHEN? Generally end of January / beginning of February.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? The workshop is open for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from all Swiss Institutions of Higher Education. After the registration deadline, a selection will be made based on submitted absracts and motivation letters. This will ensure that active, motivated students from different disciplines and institutions attend.

REGISTRATION FEE: A registration fee of CHF 150 is due after acceptance of your registration.

The fee includes

  • All lectures and workshops with documentations.
  • All meals, coffee breaks and mineral water between arrival and departure (all other beverages at your own expense).
  • Accommodation for 2 nights during the workshop in a double room. Please add a comment, if you wish to share the room with a specific person.

Please note

  • Your registration is valid only, if you submit an abstract of your current research project (title and a maximum of 300 words in a Word document) and a letter of motivation to biologie@scnat.ch before end of September. The letter of motivation should also briefly explain why the specific interdisciplinary topic is of interest to you.
  • For the poster session you are asked to bring a poster of your research project and to give a speed talk to present it.
  • At the end of the workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance, which allows you to request one ECTS-credit of your university.


  • Promotion of young researchers


Claudia Rutte
Platform Biology
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+41 31 306 93 35