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The Platform Biology of the SCNAT supports the annual organization of a workshop for PhD students, with the aim of supporting the interdisciplinary exchange. To societies interested in organizing a workshop, we provide a top location with suitable infrastructure, support for the organization and during the worksop, and cover the students’ expenses. The societies are responsible for the content of the workshop and the expenses for travel, accommodation and catering of the invited speakers and the organizers. The societies are free in their choice of the topic, but a link to biology is a requirement.


Application for organization of the workshop is open to all member societies of the SCNAT. Condition for application is an interdisciplinary topic linked to biology. Ideally, a member society of the Platform Biology and a society from a different filed join forces. The partner does not necessarily have to be member of the SCNAT, or the workshop can be organized by a single society, as long as the interdisciplinary expertise is ensured.


The workshop takes place in week three or four in January, from Sunday to Thursday, at the hotel Rigi-Kulm. Applications are accepted until 31 January of the previous year. Please use the application form provided below. After considering all applications received, the Platform Biology decides on the organizers before end of March.

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Could we pique your interest? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information and advice:

Platform Biology
Laupenstrasse 7
3001 Bern

+41 31 306 93 38

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Image: A. Willener

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